Core value

Our main value is based on the fundamental statement below:

“We can achieve any result provided that we can keep all our employees motivated, focused and faithful at all times. We will always encourage them to trust their extensive professional skills while remaining completely aware of the responsibilities assigned to each of them”

These are the main pillars of our principles of human resources of the Group:

  • The highest consideration for each employee and its relationship with others employees, third parties and the environment.
  • The utmost importance of developing/growing the experience of each employee making them an active part of the project first and of the Company.
  • The paramount importance of sale and excellent living/working conditions for each employee through the implementation/verification of specific procedures.
  • Being wide-open to changes in order to continue and improve the Group’s vision and its related strategies.

For all the above our chain of command is based on project managers and project staff that can operate and take decisions autonomously. Ultimately, they remain the instrumental key to the successful execution of each project/contract while achieving essential objectives requested by the Customers.

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