We consider “maintenance” all works connected to preserve the functions of physical assets, in other words, carrying out tasks that serve the central purpose of ensuring that machines are capable of doing what the users want them to do, when they want them to do it.

  • Corrective – wait until a failure occurs and then remedy the situation (restoring the asset to productive capability) as quickly as possible.
  • Preventive – prevent future random failures of the equipment. Preventive maintenance is performed on a scheduled basis based on elapsed time or number of runs processed.
  • Predictive – rather than looking at a calendar and assessing what attention the equipment needs, we should examine the ‘vital signs’ and infer what the equipment is trying to tell us. The term ‘Condition Monitoring’ has come to mean using a piece of technology (most often a vibration analyzer) to assess the health of our plant and equipment. Other forms of condition monitoring regularly use include oil analysis, thermograph, chemical analysis, etc.
  • Detective – applies to the types of devices that only need to work when required and do not tell us when they are in the failed state e.g. a fire alarm or smoke detector. They generally require a periodic functional check to ascertain that they are still working.

In order to ensure we meet the objectives, for any site must consider the four methods detailed and employ the correct method for each item of plant. Moreover before deciding on the strategy to be adopted the following must be considered:

  • Consequence of failure.
  • Cost and delivery time of replacement parts
  • Any environmental, health or safety implications of failure
  • Known operating history (past experience)
  • OEM’s recommendations
  • At the start of the contract all OEM’s recommendations will be implemented in order to protect any warranties on new plant. This will form the basis of the Maintenance Schedule.

Strategy need to be updated continuously while the plant aging considering also confidence reached in each single equipment.

EMCO & AMEM “Routine Maintenance” definition:
maintenance periodically performed by our Facility Work Force technicians, preventive and minor nature to keep the Facility in general day-to-day working order including, but not limited to, operational inspection; lubrication; calibration; adjustment; packing of valves; minor leak repair; provision of fluids, greases; cleaning of sumps; replacement of consumable materials, filters, strainers and cartridges; maintenance or replacement of sensors, fuses, thermocouples, gauges, switches and light bulbs; and other similar preventive, routine or minor work, general housekeeping and cleaning of the Facility and Facility Site.

EMCO & AMEM Resources and Facilities.
EMCO & AMEM is a powerful combination of technical resources for handling industrial construction and maintenance, with a very long experience in conventional power plants, steel plants, chemical and petrochemical plants.
The staff personnel and technicians have a long– standing reputation of providing high quality service with speed and efficiency at competitive cost. Employees share a common goal at excellence where every major commitment is long term. The group can dispose of human resources coming mainly from Thailand, Philippines and Europe.
EMCO main workshop facility is available in Thailand, AMEM do have also workshops in Qatar and we are ready to evaluate and setup dedicated workshop for any specific project requirement.
Engineering services for detailed engineering and shop drawings.
Experience on planned outages.

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